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“Reservation Only” Role Recovered Jakarta, 30 Jan 2017

We are glad to inform you that effective per 25 Jan 2016, the problem on “Reservation Only” roles for Altea User ID has been solved. Following the recovery of this role, we started to follow up all pending request of Altea User ID with “Reservation Only” role. Please check your request record status to monitor the status.


In case Altea User ID with “Reservation Only” role still having problem, please contact our helpdesk through email (helpdesk.pss@garuda-indonesia.com). Please specify your problem in body email (text format), such as :

  1. which user ID / sign code having this problem
  2. which office ID being used
  3. what entry did the user made
  4. error response given after the entry
  5. provide the time stamp using $$DUMP entry


Thank you for your kind understanding.